What’s New with Florida’s Flood Insurance

More Private Insurers Are Invited to Offer Policies Governor Rick Scott signed a new piece of legislation that hopes to encourage more private insurers to offer flood insurance in our state, but it may take a while for you to see changes resulting from the June law. The legislation creates a new framework for Florida insurers to offer different types of flood coverage. The basic offering will essentially be the same as the current National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policies, which many people in Florida have today. The three other offerings will all provide more protections. Florida … [Continue reading]

Congratulations to all of the great teams in the Brasil 2014 World Cup!

World Cup 2014

One Amazing World Cup! People’s Trust Says Congrats to Germany! Thanks, cheers and congratulations to Germany for an amazing fourth World Cup  and  Argentina for obtaining the second place, Netherlands for the third place and Brasil for the fourth place and being a spectacular host for the 2014 FIFA Football (Soccer) World Cup . It was an amazing World Cup full of great plays and a few sensational moments. We’re very proud of our Team USA.        … [Continue reading]