How to Manage Your Finances During the Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to let your finances spiral out of control.   We recently received the letter below from a People’s Trust policyholder. She was hit with a financial crisis and thankfully we were able to help get her back on solid ground. While this People’s Trust customer story ended in holiday cheer, the same cannot be said for all people around the holiday season. Between gifts, food, travel and decorating, holiday expenses can quickly add up. To help you out, we’ve put together the following list of smart and savvy financial tips to help you stay on top of … [Continue reading]

Spooktacular Halloween DIY Decorations


Ready to take your Halloween decorations up a notch this year? Check out the following “spooktacular” DIY decorations and you’ll be a big hit with trick-or-treaters.  1. Transform tin cans into spooktacular luminaries for your home or front yard Fill tin cans with water and place them in the freezer over night. Once the water is frozen, use a permanent marker to draw or trace an image, word or phrase onto the can. Place the tin cans onto a folded towel. Using a hammer and nail, punch holes into each can to create your design. After the designs are complete, run hot water into the cans to … [Continue reading]