The Passover Seder and Hiding the Afikomen (Matza)

Passover Seder

Keeping Children Entertained During the Seder Chag Sameach! We at People’s Trust wish a Happy Passover to all of you celebrating. One interesting part of the Seder is afikomen, which comes from the Greek word meaning “that which comes after” or “dessert.” It’s a piece of matza (unleavened bread) that is broken during an early part of the Seder and provides lots of entertainment for the children in attendance. Remember to follow normal party safety precautions for your Seder. Preparing the Afikomen The afikomen is prepared during Yachatz, the fourth part of the Seder.  For this ritual, … [Continue reading]

What to Watch for on Big Wind Day


Talking About Wind Risks for Florida Home Owners It’s Big Wind Day! Not familiar with today’s holiday? Let’s take a look at the history behind Big Wind Day and talk about what you can do to understand the wind dangers here in Florida. On April 12, 1934, the staff of the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire recorded the highest surface wind ever measured anywhere on Earth. The “World Record Wind” was officially recorded at 231 miles per hour. The wind was gauged at a station atop the mountain that was under a severe ice storm, and the team had to take enough measurements to confirm … [Continue reading]